Fastlife Jay

In the face paced place of New York City lives a 18 year old artist/skateboarder who goes by the name of Fastlife Jay who is a fraction of his group that goes by the name of FASTLIFE NEW YORK. Fastlife, short for (For All Strange Teens living In Fear Everyday) is Jay and his group of friends that make music, videos, photos, clothing and pretty much anything they can get there hands on.


Fastlife Jay's tape titled "TEENAGER" released June 28th. It's solely produced by team member FASTLIFE CHRIS who beats sounds can be compared to a the meeting of space and earth sonically. The tone of the album takes you on a journey of the dark and lightness of Teenage emotions and nostalgia. "I like grabbing peoples attention in my music so from there I wrote real life situations fake love stories and shit I would wanna see in movies and made a tape out of it." When asked of who and what inspired the tape Jay stated Tyler the Creators "WOLF" and Frank Oceans "Blonde" which makes complete sense once you listen to it.


FASTLIFE NEW YORK looks to have a very promising future ahead of them. Jay is looking to drop his next trap tape soon under the alias Lil DirtBag along with some clothing. Check out their content at Fastlifenewyork.com and be sure to stay updated for whatever they have in store in the near future!

Q'ayyim Mckoy

Q'ayyim McKoy is without a doubt a super talented writer whose words touch you the same way the illustrations of his comics strikes your eyes. For his comic book entitled "Scissors" he teams up with artist James E. Clark to create a inspiring story about two beautiful women who fall in love and experience pure bliss in eachothers company. Read More below.

From a creative standpoint, I created Scissors, as a story that revealed the close relationship between, Salomea and Lale, a lesbian couple who travels to a mountain hilltop to recall the wonderful moments in their relationship. I was inspired to tell this compelling story about two friends who encourages each other to be better and together blossom into two beautiful individuals. Salomea'Salome (*meaning, peace) has a caring and loving spirit. Lale (*meaning, Tulip) is delicate, divine, and very sweet/innocent like a French Tulip (*one of my favorite types of flowers).I personally, I am not gay but I thought of writing this story after seeing so many LGBT-related hate crimes committed in just the United States alone. Unfortunately, the (*most impactful one, I personally felt) was the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. The shooting happened not too far from my school I attended Full Sail University.

As I saw the news reports, I could only think about my friends (*some who are happily gay) and prayed they weren't among the innocent lives taken that day (*Prayers to all that lost family members/friends that night). I never felt so heartbroken and scared for the well-being of a community of (*loving, peaceful, and courageous) people in my life.So, in that moment I initially wrote the outline for the Scissors story. The scissors represent the pain and tears of the families affected by the Pulse shooting and the innocent lives taken that day. But the scissors also represent the healing factor of a beautiful relationship being meticulously crafted together as in Salomea and Lale's.After, I graduated I made it my goal to create this story and now I am and it's turning out beautifully. Overall, the story is dedicated to the wonderful individuals from the LGBT community.


Yo I was gonna write a cool ass summary about Rojo but when I asked him to give some info on his self he gave me exactly that and its wayy better than what I would wrote hahaha. His art tells you enough about him.

"My nickname ROJO not too many folks know my real name. I'm 23 at the moment bday Aug 28. From Knoxville Tennessee, but been in east Atlanta since like da 2nd grade. To be honest my art come from life experiences and shit that I'm into like skatin, hoes, sex, etc. Lmao! I'm serious af. Idk bout my plans for my art just tryna make a lil money off it or at least become famous from it so I can stunt on every female who was stiff on me lmao, I ain't shit!"

Kani Kundalini

Kani Is a face you might just wanna get used to seeing cause one day you're gonna see her every fucking where at every fucking time. To call her just an artist would be an understatement and I'm not just saying that because we're close I actually mean it! Ranging from creating trippy ass visuals and experimental ass sounds, the best way to describe Kani is Beautifully Chaotic and Melodic. Check out some her awesome ass tracks below and take notes :)

Zeke Twins

Meet 18 year old artist and producer Zeke Twins. Coming straight out of South Atlanta, Zeke is a new emerging soul to the Atlanta music scene. Providing a very original but eccentric sound, Zeke fuses the hardest kicks and snares over very classy jazz samples giving any listener a peace of mind drizzled with a little ego and fun to for sure uplift your fucking spirit. Check out his beat discography here and stream his most recent tape titled "Golden" below for some chill, summery vibes. ENJOY!



Full Name: Samuel J Gardner

Age: 31

Sign: Sagittarius

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

Inspiration: My inspiration is a cross between what I observe and what I imagine. I like old, abandoned, crumbling buildings with faded graffiti and rusted pipes. I like weeds sticking out of cracks in the sidewalks. I like watching birds and cats and squirrels and listening to people's conversations on the street. I try to combine that with the things I see when I close my eyes- spirits, monsters, shapes and colors and lines of energy.

City Birds This is about what it would be like if 2 tropical birds from the Amazon tried to live in a city. They're confused and look crazy because it's a world that doesn't make sense to them, although it can still be beautiful in its way.
"Coyote" This is a coyote running in a red desert. I had already made the coyote and I was listening to the song "Of Course" by Jane's Addiction while ripping up red newspaper. The lyrics are "Of course this land is dangerous, all of the animals are capably murderous." That's what made me think of the red desert and the yellow sky.
"Man and Pet" My favorite interpretation of this one was a Korean girl who said it looked like a concentration camp for 2 people.
"Tell Your Story" I don't like what's happening with technology. One of my favorite poets said that men are selling themselves for toys, and I think that's true. But I'm part of it too, I'm not better than anyone else, and I think the best thing I can do is try to tell my own story, so maybe it will live on in the computer brain. That's what this one is about.
"Fracture" tITLE IS DUE TO how it was made with ripped up pieces of newspaper that I painted on with paint markers- and because while I was making it my ego fractured. I had built up a false idea of myself and the world in my head and all of a sudden I realized it wasn't true and it was like I broke on the inside. But it's not hopeless, because sometimes the best thing for a person is to be broken. If you stay truthful to yourself when you put the pieces back, now you know better where they should go, and you make yourself stronger.